Our Brands

We are the Australian representative for:

Custom Shop Brass offers the musician a range of first quality brass instruments designed and built to be amongst the best of their type.

Custom Shop are able to offer Custom Shop Options to cater for the discerning musician. We also stock models that have many professional quality upgrades as found on the best master-crafted instruments.

Wisemann have a philosophy of producing a relatively small number of high quality instruments rather than large quantities. This philosphy results in the production of technically advanced instrument design, coupled with highly skilled craftsmanship.
Established 1999.

Perantucci Mouthpieces have a comprehensive selection of mature and proven mouthpieces designed by and for professionals. Perantucci mouthpieces evolve and contribute to the art of musical performance. The instruments we play are better than ever; Perantucci mouthpieces are designed to enhance them.
Over Forty years of innovation and progress, Made in Germany.

Amati is one of the great European makers of high quality woodwind and brass musical instruments. Modern technology, combined with traditional craftsmanship, ensure that the musical instruments produced are among the world’s finest.
Established 1945.

Cerveny is the oldest manufacturer of brass instruments in the world. Famous for the manufacture of rotary valve instruments, Cerveny has now returned to the production of professional quality piston-valved instruments alongside it’s extensive range of rotary instruments. Cerveny Tubas are without equal.
Established 1842.

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