Mike Hallam

A Proud Endorser of Custom Shop – Wisemann

Co-Founder of the ‘Harbour City Jazz Band’
Founder of ‘The Ex-Ray Jazz Band’
Founder of the ‘Mike Hallam Hot Six’
Member of Bands: ‘Ray Price Quintet’, ‘Charlestown Strutters’, ‘Mister Crow’, ‘Swingtime’
Performer throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Mike Hallam – Trumpet/Cornet/Flugel Horn/Trombone/Harmonica/Vocals

A retired civil engineer co-founder of the Harbour City Jazz Band in 1968. Spent 4 years with Ray Price Quintet and then formed his own “Mike Hallam Hot Six” and played in the Sydney Hilton for 8 years as well as the Sydney Jazz Club and Red Ned’s for 7 years. Also worked with Graeme Bell All Stars at Australian jazz festivals. Travelled overseas with the Mister Crow show band, Alan Leake’s Jazz Repertory Company and Hot Gossip playing in Jazz festivals in Canada, USA, UK, Thailand and New Zealand. Has toured with the Zenith on their last five trips to England, Scotland, Wales, Hotjazz festival in Germany, Sildajazz Festival in Norway, Riverboat Festival in Denmark, Holywood, Ireland and Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and USA.

Mike’s first band in Australia was the Harbour City Jazz Band of which he was the co-founder in 1968. Then Mike joined the celebrated Ray Price Quintet with Col Nolan, Laurie Bennet and Paul Simpson and stayed with them for 4 years. When the quintet went on to full time touring Mike had to leave, but he formed a new band called the Ex-Ray Jazz Band composed mostly of ex Ray price musicians. This band worked around for a while then merged with Rex Gazey on tuba to become the Charlestown Strutters named after their permanent gig at the Charles Hotel in Chatswood. After about 3 years with the Strutters it was time to strike out on his own again so Mike put together another new band, this time a Chicago style band called the Mike Hallam Hot Six, and this band played in the famous Marble Bar in the Sydney Hilton on Saturday nights for 8 years, as well as Red Neds in Chatswood for 7 years and many other gigs – this was Mike`s successful band up to that time, and this band still works today whenever jobs arise.

When the Marbel Bar folded Mike began working with the jazz show band Mister Crow. Numerous overseas trips followed playing at jazz festivals in Canada, USA, Wales, Scotland, England, Germany, New Zealand and of course many in Australia. Mister Crow also performs set shows in the clubs and Mike is still working with this band. For a little variety, Mike and the drummer Will Dower have formed, with Dave Levy on piano and Stan Kenton on bass, a quartet called Swingtime which has a gentle swing style and is now beginning to work around the Sydney traps. During 1992, and every year up to present, Mike has been doing several mini tours and jobs in Queensland, Melbourne, country Victoria and Thailand with Alan Leake`s Jazz Reportory Company and has also made 2 visits to New Zealand, playing at jazz festivals in Hamilton and Rotorua.

A highlight was a three week tour of Germany with Peter Strohkorb’s band Hot Gossip, and Mike also works with the Graeme Bell All Stars at Australian jazz festivals such as Kiama, Canberra and Wagga. Since 1998 Mike has been working with the Sydney Zenith Jazz Band including festivals in Edinburgh, Wales and Norway, and in June 1999 the Zenith (with Mike) toured Ireland, Germany and Denmark

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