DTB-600 Custom Shop Bb/F Trombone

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  • What is special about this Trombone? The Thayer Valve – Note that unlike other valves used on Trombones with “F mechanisms” the Thayer valve does not change the direction of flow of the air column. This results in a seamless change from one length of tubing to another
    • Key: Bb/F Thayer Valve
    • Finish: Brass Lacquered
    • Inner Slides: Nickel Silver
    • Outer Slides: Yellow Brass
    • Bell: Rose Brass
    • Bell Size: 215.9mm (8.5″)
    • Bore Size: 13.9mm (.547″)
    • Case: Wisemann¬† Premium Case
    • Mouthpiece: Included
    • Features:
      • Fitted with a Thayer Axial Flow Valve
      • Comes with 3 interchangeable lead pipes

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